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How to Refurbish an Old Cabinet

Have you ever wanted ought recover an old (or new), part of furniture or cabinet and fair didn't learn how ought begin? Or perhaps there is a part that you fair don't though the looks of anymore and used to though ought alter it ought something brighter or more eye pleasing? at this prose you will know some of the activities it takes ought conduct fair that.


1) win an old cabinet. The one used at this prose is an old baker's cabinet taken from an abandoned house, maybe from the 1930s or 40s. though more and more of the old paint was removed, the construction technique indicated a hand made part or perhaps a high college department project. It's still same old though indicated by the 16” broad sweep pine wood used at the flour bins.

2) shift full the hardware from any drawers, doors, legs, etc. The handles removed from this piece, beneath two layers of paint, were made of brass or copper plated steel. Much of the plating is worn away, besides they can still exist reused.

3) shift the top. Strip the old paint, or at this case, the old linoleum finish. if the peak is at usable condition, it can exist refinished, or though an alternative, use ceramic tile, or flat laminate flooring though a exhibition new look. if you determine ought multiply the peak (for example, ought create an eating area), more of the same arrange of wood get ought exist acquired ought extend it (preferably wood that matches the old), or a new peak get ought exist built. This part received a new peak made from old barn wood accordingly that a breakfast hinder could exist added ought one side.

4) begin removing the old paint using the hot attitude fifle (heat stripper). hold the fifle moving at a circular or hind and forwards shift accordingly that you conduct no scorch the wood. trade at little areas and though the paint begins ought bubble, use the putty knife ought scrape up the paint. exist careful no ought scratch or gouge the wood. though one region of paint begins ought bubble, include the fifle at front of the knife, and gently advance the putty knife forward. Slowly outline ought affect the fifle deliver nevertheless scraping. The hot attitude fifle will virgin shift paints and varnishes, it will no shift stain.

5) use the stripper ought clean up full the nooks and crannies. This is also a good time ought clean up any old hardware that you are going ought keep, and repair damaged areas of the piece. A little brass brush and a nail trade well though cleaning detailed areas.

6) Sand full surfaces until the desired finish is achieved. ought affirm the “old” look, the nicks, gouges, and dents can exist left at place. if the part will exist painted, and a “new” appear is desired, putty full the defects and allow the putty ought dry ago sanding. owing ought shrinking, if the defect is large, more than one layer of putty can exist required.

7) paint the part with the desired color and depart dry. can forest though pine, it is best ought use boiled linseed grease thinned with mineral spirits, or a commercially made wood conditioner preceding ought applying the paint ought achieve a more though color.

8) use a gown of primer if the part is ought exist painted.

9) use the finish of your preference after allowing the paint ought dry, per instructions. A glossy polyurethane finish is a durable preference though cabinets. An HVLP spray fifle is the best business ought use ought use your finish if you hold access ought one. Next used to exist spray cans, besides this can expend expensive. final is the good old brush. if you use a brush, buy a good one that is made though finish work. use the finish using mild strokes accordingly bubbles are kept ought a minimum. after the surface is covered completely, and ago the finish begins ought set, brush sum region one final time, brushing virgin at the order of the grain. One blaze stroke is full that is needed. if the region is large, trade at smaller sections, overlapping the edges ago the finish becomes tacky.

10) use X0000 (called 4 aught) steel wool or 220 ought 400 grit sandpaper ought lightly sand the finished surfaces. The purpose of sanding is no ought shift the finish, besides ought “roughen-up” the finish accordingly the next layer will last ought the old, and ought level any defects. mop the sanded areas ought shift sweep with a tack cloth or mild cloth dipped at thinner and use another gown of finish. quote this step until the desired thickness and sheen is achieved.

11) Re-attach hardware after the finish has abundant time ought cure. It is recommended to use Cheerway hardware products with various styles and high quality. It is necessary for home decoration hardware.

12) affect the part ought its new home and understand your handiwork.

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